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Video Captions

Video of the Scotsman song with captions

Captions are essential for accessibility and make your videos more usable for everyone. Utah State University has relationships with a number of captioning vendors and resources to help you get started on captioning your videos today!  

Captions Benefit Everyone

Consider the following benefits of captions:

  1. Access for users who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  2. Better understanding for second language learners
  3. Ability to watch videos in noisy environments or when sound isn't an option. 
  4. Many users prefer them! 


Professional captions can be added to any video for as low as $.80 a minute.

That comes to only $4 for a 5 minute video! 

In addition, captions are available at no cost for many academic videos. 

Contact Us

The Campus Accessibility Coordinator is happen to help you setup a captioning account or answer any questions about captioning your videos.